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TourGuideFox is a mobile app created by Virtual Guide AR/VR. It offers digitally guided city tours. The app is designed to make experiencing new cities easy and fun, without the need for a tour guide, using AR/VR- and GPS -technology. Tours have been created for Tampere and Helsinki in Finland with more in the horizon!
Red Stage is responsible for the app’s storyline and characterization. Users are guided through the cities by a peculiar fox, Mr. Fox Jr., and an artificial intelligence, AI-NO.2.

Fox Jr. is voiced by Pekka V. Louhimo


“It's very cool product. I had very much fun and it showed me very interesting things. I learned today very much.”

- Frenzel from Germany

“Fun, lively Fox Jr and very interesting, highly recommended​.”

- Aron from UK

“The tour was just hilarious. It was actually really informative and a great way to see Helsinki.”

- Vicky from Australia

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