“When we got to Milavida, the sight was dreadful… Dead men around the building, everywhere else too. There was a cannon and machine guns, the whole arsenal. Even horses among the dead.”

Srapnellit (Shrapnels) is a location based documentary mobile game. It is played in Tampere, Finland, in the Näsinpuisto park. The game utilizes GPS and Augmented Reality to bring the Finnish Civil War of 1918 to the modern audiences. Srapnellit focuses on the experiences of everyday people during the war, told through the eyes of Gabriel Engberg. Engberg was the Milavida Museum Intendant at the time. He was one of the first people to understand the importance of gathering items and memorabilia left behind by the war.

The player investigates the real locations of the war: battlegrounds, military stations and execution sites. The mission is to find real items, photos and documents from 1918. All the items are real photographs or 3D-scanned objects from the museum archives.


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