I am a culture- and media freelancer with a love for stories, video games and long hikes in the wilderness. I’ve specialized in diverse storytelling, games and directing. I’m always looking for new ways to create unique experiences.


For me, stories are everywhere. Stories surround us. They’re found in pictures and landscapes, even in objects in our everyday life. The right item in the right place is a great start for a story. A story can be told through text, images, music or sound, or in a limitless and open-minded combination of them all.











Director, Game Designer


Outsight was a live video game experiment made in 2013 during the Mindtrek Off in Tampere. It was a first of its kind experience where the player solves puzzles while seeing themselves from a third person perspective.











The Bird Nest

Creative Director, Writer, Producer


The Bird Nest was a pilot Live Augmented Gaming Experience. The player uncovers the truth behind a retrofuturistic bunker controlled by a central AI called The Mother Bird. The game incorporated real life roleplaying structure with immersive Augmented Reality technology.


The game was played in a real-life set build at Mediapolis, Tampere, in collaboration with YLE, TAMK, Microsoft, Tredu, Apex Games, Odios and Smartrac.







The One

Writer, Director, Editor


The One is a 360° Short Film about Tommi who one day finds the woman of his dreams on a subway station.


The film was shot as a part of a VR Filmmaking Workshop and was a part of the Love and Anarchy International Film Festival.











Writer, Director


Cloudberry is a short film about the father's wrong choices and the guilt he is suffering. The estranged father and daughter take a cloudberry picking trip to the field. Everything goes as planned until the old problem starts to remind itself.


The film was chosen for 2015 Munich Filmschoolfest from a selection of 300 short films from 21 countries.









Of Sheep and Men



Of Sheep and Men tells the tale of David, living in a community of people talking in the language of sheep. David wakes up one day with a crazy idea that he isn’t actually a sheep.


The short film won the 2014 DobbleCLICK Festival’s award for Best Film and was chosen for 2016 Taratsa International Film Festival and Helsinki Artova Film Festival.




 Marjaana auranen marjaana@redstage.fi